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Our Network are fresh and modern and formed day by day.

    The W.I.D Network is composed from the following websites.
  2. is a new online catalog which aspires to become one of the first Greek directories with emphasis on networking and web promotion through social users.
    A directory for mobile web sites.

Please visit us soon to get more information regarding to our new Network.

We are looking for partners who have the passion to build a useful list.

If you are interested to involve and become part of the Network that we create you can contact us and we will send you information how you can join us to our new Network.

To Become an Editor minimum prerequisites are:

Excellent knowledge the language of the country you want to be editor. A website where belong and operated by you.

What does a W.I.D editor do?

Receives emails for review submissions and identifying the quality of the websites. Accept or decline the submissions. Proposing categories and organize websites.

Commitments for editors

Editors are free to check and review submissions whenever they have free time. They are free at any time to stop to be an Editor. The account of the editors expires if they are inactive for 3 months.

It is a paid job?

Yes it is! For more information contact us.