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Welcome to World Internet Directory & Network.

The is an electronic catalog where aims to display information from other websites all over the world.

This directory is generally divided by countries, everyone can submit his website based in the country that belong.

The countries represented by delegates, and they create our network.

Each representative is the proprietor and administrator for the country has undertaken to represent.

Therefore by submit a URL in one country, the representative of this country has the obligation to accept or decline the submission.

The pricing for submission vary, dependent of each representative team, e.g. some countries are free, and some other may charge for the submission.

General the submission to any country that does not have representative are free, the downside is that we accept to submit only websites that they have English (at least as second language) and the listing is with no follow. As is not possible to know any language that exists all over the world, thus this is the reason that we have representatives.